30 Days of Prayer 2014

Things have been pretty sporadic here, and I ain't gonna lie... there's a reason for it... but I ain't gonna share... just yet... because sometimes, a person needs to process things before sharing it with the world... or at least, sometimes a person SHOULD process things before sharing it with the world... and this is one of those times in my life. With that … [Read More...]



Happy 14th Birthday, Gabrielle!

Gabrielle Rae, You were our very first girl, and I remember watching my very strong husband turn into a puddle of goo as he held his baby girl for the first time. … [Read More...]


Baby Ezra

Happy 6th Birthday, Ezra!

Ezra Matthew, You came into our life during a time of great loss, struggle, and changes... so we knew you were certainly a gift from God to help us to remember … [Read More...]



Happy 16th Birthday, Izak!

Izak David, I will never forget the moment you were born... You were due February 14th (Valentine's Day), but that day came and went... as well as another day, and another, and another... until the decision was made to induce labor nine days later on the … [Read More...]


Letting Go…

Life can be hard... really hard. As another year comes to a close, I find myself doing what I always do... evaluate the prior year and try to figure out what I'll do different for the coming one. This past year was the worst year of my life. There … [Read More...]

baby Anastasia

Happy 4th Birthday, Anastasia!

Anastasia Simone, You were born during a time when we weren't sure what our future would hold... we had just moved to plant a church, and had no idea what would happen, but as I held you in my arms, I knew God had blessed us... nothing else mattered as the … [Read More...]

The 12 Days of Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas… SHMILY Style!

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this SHMILY Time tradition, The "Twelve Days of Christmas" ain't talkin' about "A Partridge in a Pear Tree. It's a twist for the holiday, that your husband is sure to enjoy! The 12 Days of Christmas... SHMILY … [Read More...]